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Estate Sale

Selling Vintage or Antiques inside a home and don’t know what to do?

Much of the time, a loved one has passed away, and family members are selling the person’s possessions so a real estate agent can list the home. Estate liquidation sales are a cost-effective way to sell the entire contents of a loved one’s estate. Bankruptcy, divorce resolution, and job relocation requirements are other factors behind an estate sale. In other instances, the homeowner may be retiring, moving away, or entering an assisted living facility.

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Renting Props

In need of Props for a Movie, Photo Shoot or even an upcoming wedding or that party that really makes your special day brighter? You are in luck because we are here to help!

Don’t Spend days looking for Props when Route 54 Antiques offers a wide array of Vintage and Antiques to bring your visions to life.

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Online Auction Consignment

Coming Soon!

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